So I made it to Athens and it’s gorgeous here. Obviously I found wifi so I get to update :D

Day 1: Flying (14 June 2012)

Yep, all day on planes. First flight leaves at 550 am. (STL —> Atlanta, Georgia —> NYC (JFK) —> Athens, Greece)

Wanna see what I’m doing on my trip? Then click here and check for updates ;)

Leaving for the airport in about 30 minutes

So yep. This might be it for a while unless I can find wifi.

If you want to see what I think I’m supposed to be doing each day, and maybe some live updates if I get wifi, then here

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Ready for my trip :)

My queue is set up (though I am still going to try to personally update if I can find wifi or get to a computer) and I’m almost packed.

To see what I’m doing, click here and check for updates ;)

Getting ready for my trip :)

I have to leave for the airport around 330 am and I’m working on the queue right now so you can see what I’m supposed to be doing each day (if you’re curious) You can see all of this here when I’m done.